Guaranteed Track Submission

If you would like your track or mix to be a guarantee feature on the site, we ask you make a small donation to keep our site one of the premiere music blogs. All guaranteed track submissions will be reviewed and posted within 3-5 Days. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Instructions for Guaranteed Track Submission


2. After completion, wait for confirmation e-mail and get Order number
3. Fill in Submit Track and enter confirmation number

What do I get with a Guaranteed Track Submission?

1. Track feature on our site
2. A Twitter mention with a link to the track

FAQ – Guaranteed Track Submission

Q: How long will it take for my track to be featured on the site?
A: It will take us 3-5 business days at the most for a track to be posted.

Q: I made a donation, now what?
A: If you successfully made a donation, wait for the confirmation e-mail and get the confirmation number. Fill in Track Submission Form and enter confirmation number.

Q: I made a donation and submitted a track, but my track was not featured.
A: We apologize as we can not possibly feature every track submitted. If you donated and your track was not featured, you will receive a full refund.

Reasons for rejection:

  • Track had poor audio quality audio
  • Track was too offensive or demeaning
  • Track didn’t fit our targeted audience. (You can send us smooth jazz tracks all-day, but they don’t quite fit our style. Your new rap single is good, but it doesn’t quite fit our style of music feature and general audience.)
  • Copyright infringement

Q: Can I submit a link to my music video instead of an audio track?
A: No, we need an audio track. However, if you also have a music video link, you can send it to us along with the audio track and we’ll post the link to the video.